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R-Pal Real Estate Academy and North Shore Real Estate Academy have been providing Real Estate License training for over 10 years for the State of Massachusetts. The key to our successful program is live instructor lead training. Our instructors have over an 90% success rate with their students. Through our knowledgeable instructors, students obtain all the material necessary to help them pass their Real Estate Exam the first time. We provide up to date information on any changes the State of Massachusetts has provided and pass that along to our students to help them in their preparation in taking the exam.

Hear From Our Past Students

Jack Carey

My name is Jack Carey. I reside in Revere Massachusetts. I have been a professional Fire Fighter for the last 25 years. Six years ago I decided to create a new profession upon my retirement. I Have a back round in automobile sales and thought real Estate sales would be a great way to work and enjoy my retirement of one Job. I searched the internet to find the right school. I also spoke with some local Real Estate agents. I was directed to Century 21 Northeast and Richard Palladino. I enrolled in a six week course two nights a week in Lynn field Mass. The course was fabulous! Mr. Palladino is a professional agent as well as a knowledgeable instructor and great mentor. I passed the state licensing test on my first attempt. Richie recruited me to work with Century 21 North East. I could not be happier with my position with this company. James D’Amico the owner of the company is a roll up your sleeves type of boss. Any questions or needs he is there as well as an organized and Supportive staff. Century 21 North East makes you feel comfortable and part of a winning team right, from the start of your training. Thank you Jim and Rich for helping me with a new career!

Maura Allard

I cannot say enough about North Shore Real Estate Academy and R-Pal Real Estate Academy. Richie Palladino was my instructor when I took the class in the Fall of 2014. Richie was informative, knowledgeable positive and kept it REAL. I was thoroughly prepared to take the exam, and I took the exam as soon as the class ended like Richie advised and I passed the first time I sat for the exam. I have been selling real estate for 5 years and I’m proud to say I have been a consecutive top producer for the last 4 years.

Rob D'amico

Richie Palladino has been an instructor with North Shore Real Estate Academy and R-Pal Real Estate Academy plus a Broker for Century 21 North East for over 15 years and has been one of our strongest reasons for growth. Richie’s training and teaching style is one of the biggest reasons for this companies growth and success. He has helped start more students in pre-licensing school and continued to help those agents grow through training and mentorship and has created some of the greatest Realtors in this business.

Getting Your Real Estate License is Easier Than You Think!

40 Hour Certification and Passing the Exam gets you in the field!!


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Our real estate license course covers everything you need to pass your test. When you take our online classes you'll get access to our knowledgeable live instructors who are ready to answer all your questions, a whole bunch of practice tests and review, and all other materials needed to prepare you for your test.


After you finish your 40 hour real estate pre-licensing course, you take the Massachusetts real estate license test through PSI. The test is 120 questions long, and covers everything you need to know to become a licensed real estate agent. Congratulations, you’re a licensed real estate agent! We can answer and give you tips on job hunting if you don’t already have one lined up. We also offer job placement with one of our successful Real Estate Companies. Happy selling!


Didn't take exam or Didn't pass..No worries!!